Handmade chores with bag (laser)

Handmade chores with bag (laser)

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Summer chore tokens !!

So we have been doing this for 2 years and my kids have outgrown some of our OG ones

Age 10 and 11 - we edited some tokens to upgrade their chores this summer 😂

❤️These really make chores 🤩 fun for my girls because they never know what they will pick. They do something trade between them ❤️❤️

Clean bathroom sink 🧽
Make bed 🛏️
Pick up after pets (yard or kitty litter etc ) 🐶 🐈
Do the dishes 🍽️ 🚰
Dust 🧽
Water plants 🪴
Tidy up bedroom 🛏️
Put dishes away 🍽️
Help cook dinner 🥘
Pink up toys or belongings 🧸
Walk dog 🐶
Put away shoes/organize shoe closet 👟
Clean toilet 🚽
Wipe down counters 🧽
Feed pets 🐶
Dry dishes 🍽️
Match the socks 🧦
Pull weeds 🌱
Get the mail ✉️ 📬
Put clothes in washer 👚
Put clothes in dryer 👖
Sweep/vacuum floor 🧹
Mop floor 🪣
Set dinner table 🍽️
Clear dinner table plate 🍽️
Put laundry away 🧺
Choose any chore
Chore free day
3 blanks - use a dry erase marker to write your own

Set of 31 and comes in a drawstring pouch for easy picking.

My kids wil be picking 5-7 a day to help me with housework